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Composting machines

For space-saving and efficient production, a well-thought-out handling of waste is required. Our environmentally friendly composting solutions cover all needs - from 5 to 1400 kg per day. A fully automated system with heat and microorganisms breaks down food residues and other compostable organic waste into usable compost soil. Thanks to the active process with controlled heat and microorganisms, the process takes no more than 24 hours.

Our models

GG02 composting machine


Capacity: 4 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 780 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Energy consumption: 230V
gg10.png composting machine


Capacity: 25-30 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 1166 x 551 x 845 mm
Weight: 220 kg
Energy consumption: 230V
GG30 composting machine


Capacity: 75-90 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 1843 x 753 x 1016 mm
Weight: 735 kg
Energy consumption: 400V
GG50 composting machine


Capacity: 125-150 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 2000 x 885 x 1107 mm
Weight: 990 kg
Energy consumption: 400V
GG100 composting machine


Capacity: 250-300 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 2935 x 1100 x 1352 mm
Weight: 1540 kg
Energy consumption: 400V
GG300 composting machine


Capacity: 800 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 4050 x 1820 x 2165 mm
Weight: 3500 kg
Energy consumption: 400V
GG500 composting machine


Capacity: 1350 kg/dygn
Dimensions: 4858 x 1955 x 2995 mm
Weight: 5500 kg
Energy consumption: 400V

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