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Who we are

BIAB INNOVATION is a company incorporated in Sweden, with the head office in Åstorp in the province of Skåne. The management behind BIab Innovation has combined experience of dealing with the UN organizations as well as with the private sector.

We believe that serving humanitarian organizations is one of the best ways to abide by the CSR aspects.

Our business concept

Environment-friendly waste handling, composting and production of fertilizer.

  • Environmentally-friendly and comprehensive composting solutions
  • Food packaging, distribution and catering items and accessories
  • Carrying bags, kitchen utensils and serving accessories made of biodegradable material
  • Introduction and supply of eqasdasduipment with life cycle cost features in other fields under or by case-by-case methodology.
hand holding small plant

Sustainable business policies

Better dealings for a better world

There is little doubt that climate change will remain on top of the agenda for many years to come. Our contribution to meet the challanges can be defined as "doing more with less"

Doing more with less

Besides sustainable production and logistics, it also entails being more efficient, maximizing positive effects and minimizing negative impact for the environment, society and humanity. We make all efforts to manage and develop our businesses sustainably in every possible practical manner. Our focus is to meet sustainable development principles without compromising with the quality, functionality and competitiveness of the products we supply.

Cooperation with external parties

We are actively seeking cooperation with manufacturers of products which complies to the nature of our business concept. We prefer to promote products which are close to our business areas.

Nevertheless, we are open for products in other areas as well. It is our ambition to create win-win cooperation by supplying products which provide added value to the end-users.

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