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When innovation meets sustainability

Our business concept is to supply products and comprehensive solutions which are environmentally-friendly and sustainable in terms of life-cycle costs. It is equally important that the products and services that we provide are already in use successfully. Furthermore these are already suitable, or are modified for use in the prevailing local conditions.

What we do

We believe that every project or assignment is to be well planted and should be taken care of properly. With sound strategies and planning, implementation and growth of each assignment becomes more fruitful, long-lasting and cost effective. In this context we provide comprehensive solutions, including product development, design, testing, packaging and logistics facilities. Quality control through our own department or, when necessary, third party inspections are also carried out. When and where applicable, all relevant and important test certificates are provided.

Our services
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Why choose us

Best value for money

Best value for money is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements. Quality means meeting the specifications which are fit for the purpose and that is sufficient for the customer's requirements.

Professional support

We provide installation, maintenance, and service support of our equipment. We also do commissioning and training of our staff so that our equipment is properly used and efficiently operated. All wear and tear consumables as well the spare parts are supplied rapidly on short notice.

Project management

Each supply from us is carried out under a project management procedure. This is to ensure a safe delivery to the destination and thereafter a package of comprehensive support as described above.

Turn-key solution

We undertake turn-key project i.e., from the assessment of the requirement, proposal of relevant products, delivery, installation warranty, service, and maintenance.

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The founding parters of Biab Innovation have more than forty years of experience assisting the humanitarian aid and development organizations Worldwide with products and services. Biab Innovation mainly focuses on providing innovative, sustainable and environment friendly products, which are already in use by the private sector clients around the World.

We have our own production of waste handling and composting equipment, packing and repacking equipment as well as accessories made of biodegradable material. Furthermore, from our network of manufacturers we supply already in use solutions with modern technology to our clients. Our contribution is to assist our clients with the products with life cycle cost advantages and good footprint aftermath.

Let us serve you with innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products on the principles of BVM (Best Value For Money).


In the humanitarian aid and development field we are focusing on

(Non Government Organizations)
Government aid and development authorities and institutions
World Bank
financed projects
Private & commercial

Our customers

In the private sector

Compass Group
Ramada Hotels
Swedish Armed Forces

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